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Internet Meme of the Week: "Downton Abbey" Spin-Offs

While British period drama "Downton Abbey" currently in its second season is at its height as the classiest show on television, a recent wave of Downton-inspired memes has satirized its original intents, or perhaps revealed its true nature.

Takashi Miike's


‘Hear This!' considers sound in film

Courtesy of Tien-Tien Jong For most of film history, sound designers and composers have worked behind the scenes to craft sounds that are now part of our cultural lexicon the roar of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, an iconic tapping of dancers in the rain and the screeching violins now synonymous with terror.


New EYEWASH series offers experimental films

Films played across eight projectors or shot with a camera from 1927 Germany are among the offerings in this fall's EYEWASH film and video series, which is sure to add some variety to Dartmouth's film offerings this fall.


Professors' writing inspired by students

Deriving inspiration from the youth and navet of undergraduate students and capitalizing on the free time that the D-Plan allows, English faculty members specializing in creative writing enjoy both the peaceful provinciality of Hanover and the intense interactions in the classroom at Dartmouth as they find time to produce their own work. Professor Gary Lenhart, who teaches Writing 2, 3, 5 and 7 as well as English 80, Introduction to Creative Writing, finds that his writing is reinvigorated by the youthful enthusiasm of Dartmouth students. "Working with students, who constantly remind you that you're not young but once were and that there are still young people dealing with the things that you dealt with when you were young, is inspiring," Lenhart said.

Since graduating from Dartmouth, David Benioff '92 has gone from teaching high school to writing and producing HBO's


Benioff '92 embraces storytelling in ‘surreal' career

Courtesy of Babelio.com *Editor's Note: This is the last part of a five-part series profiling several Dartmouth alumni in entertainment and the Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment and Media Association.**## Acclaimed screenwriter and novelist David Benioff '92 has not always received praise for his writing as a student at Dartmouth, he originally was not admitted to the English department's introductory creative writing course, English 80.



Black Maria festival is back, set to feature Mack

Patton Lowenstein / The Dartmouth Staff A journey between Pakistan and India, a 104-year-old church pianist, a pinball rolling around Pittsburgh, Pa., and a two-headed fish will all grace the silver screen as part of the 2011 Black Maria Film Festival's 90-minute program of 10 short films, to be screened at Dartmouth this Friday at 7 p.m.


Kidjo returns to Dartmouth with worldly sound

The last time Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Anglique Kidjo came to Dartmouth, she inspired a baby to dance before it was even born. "When Kidjo came here like 10 years ago, she actually came up into the audience and started dancing with a woman who was pregnant," Hopkins Center for the Arts Director of Programming Margaret Lawrence said.


‘Downton Abbey' captures life in pre-World War I Britain

Courtesy of IMDB.com "We all have different parts to play, and we must all be allowed to play them," the Earl of Grantham says gravely in the second episode of "Downton Abbey," the outstanding four-part miniseries that kicks off the 2011 season of Masterpiece Classic on PBS. "Downton Abbey" presents a sharp, radiant dramatization of class boundaries and family ties in pre-World War I England in which characters play traditional roles.

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