Katherine Cline



Stu(dying): Study Spots 101

If you know me or have read anything I’ve written for The Dartmouth, you know that I am a true academic. Therefore, I am clearly incredibly qualified give you definitive summaries of all of Dartmouth’s study spaces. Strap in folks.  


The Healthiest Attitude to Take

Self-care at Dartmouth is hard. Your roommate has sexiled you three times during the past weekend, and you’re not excited for Valentine’s Day. 



Dartmouth Wears Prada: Q&A with Professor Graziella Parati

I first heard about Comparative Literature 42.01, “Prada, Chanel, Ferrari: History and Literature” during the tail end of this past fall term. Long enough into the term that I’d begun to feel that itch: the one that you feel when you have just finished midterms and major projects, but have yet to begin finals.

rbf jpeg.jpg


A Guide to Surviving RBF

Resting B— Face. Resting ... Bad-at-being-happy Face. At least, that’s what I think it stands for. I don’t really understand it. 

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