Kate Carolan



Spanish cinema makes waves on American shores

With the ever-growing population of Spanish speakers in the United States, the last 10 years in particular have seen an increase in Hispanic, and predominantly Latin, culture, from the Macarena to Ricky Martin. During this time, Spanish-language film has also seemed to grow in popularity, and to many Americans, is mistakenly viewed as a new phenomenon. Much to the contrary, Spanish film has a long, rich tradition rooted in amazing cinematography, surrealist approaches and unparalleled character development that has propelled it to the forefront of the film industry for decades. Luis Bunuel, commonly regarded as the father of surrealist film, was a contemporary of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca and truly revolutionized cinematography.


'Strangers With Candy' out on DVD

The dark comedy "Strangers with Candy," much as its title would indicate, is exactly that television show that parents wish their children would never find. The show was created by and stars the comedic troupe of Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello and Mitch Rouse.

Hunt '04's food paper wins national attention

Senior Anne Hunt recently made her entrance into the world of post-graduate academia -- months before even graduating from college. Hunt's work in the field of Spanish literature won her a spot at a by-invitation, for-professors-only conference in late February at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Dem. candidates debate

Presidential candidates Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman and Dennis Kucinich filed into Moore Theatre Sunday afternoon to agree on several points -- most notably, that the Bush administration has kept women from reaching equality on an array of levels. Speaking at a forum sponsored by Lifetime Television and ABC's "Good Morning America," the candidates found little to argue on, and instead took time to tout their individual accomplishments in elected office. Dean was accompanied to the event by his wife, physician Judith Steinberg Dean, and Lieberman came with his wife, Hadassah. Kucinich, twice-divorced, is currently unattached. Dean, Lieberman and Kucinich answered questions posed by the event's moderator, ABC's Claire Shipman, who gave each of them a few minutes to address women -- a demographic comprising a large proportion of the Democratic base and 52 percent of voters in the 2000 election. The floor was then opened to topics selected and approved before the start of the debate. Dean stressed the importance of an education component in early childcare, as well as the significance of providing affordable daycare as means for keeping women in the workplace. Lieberman, in one of his many criticisms against the current administration, condemned President Bush for the state of the Headstart program and for "turning his back" on the lower and middle class.

3 candidates confirmed to debate Sun.

The 2004 Democratic presidential candidates will file into Moore Auditorium Sunday to spend the afternoon discussing issues critical to women. College officials have confirmed that as of Thursday night, Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman will definitely be in attendance, and John Edwards has expressed that it is very probable he will attend.