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Sororities release rush numbers

While more women rushed sororities this year, fewer women actually accepted bids at houses. More than 266 women rushed this term compared to 220 women last year, but just over 160 women accepted bids to join houses.

Sorority rush to begin Sunday

Sororities are expecting an increased number of sophomore to come through their doors and fraternities will make a big push for new members when the Greek system's dizzying rush begins this weekend. Fraternity and sorority rush will be run in a similar manner as previous years with a few changes aimed at allowing rushees to become better acquainted with the Greek system. Sorority Rush The rush process kicks off Sunday with the first round of Panhellenic rush, which runs through Oct.

Students gather for community dinner

Administrators brought concerns about decision-making and student-administrator relationships to the Programming Board's third Community Dinner last night in the Collis Common Ground In keeping with the dinner's theme of decision-making, nine administrators brought problems to the podium seeking student input. Among the administrators present were Dean of the College Lee Pelton, Director of College Dining Services Peter Napolitano and Director of Career Services Skip Sturman. Summer Programming Board co-Chair Karen Lefrak '98, who organized the dinner with Associate Director of Student Activities Linda Kennedy, said, "The purpose of the dinner was to bring together students and administrators in a setting where they don't ordinarily get to interact and foster discussion between the two groups." Some of the topics that students and administrators discussed over dinner were self-segregation of groups on campus, the sense of community at Dartmouth, social space and programming and the role of mediation at the College. The dinner was open to all students for a two dollar charge and about 40 students attended. Focusing on relationships between administrators and students, Pelton spoke informally for 15 minutes before the dinner. "The purpose of the dinner was to create an opportunity for interested students and administrators to make a better community," he said. The job of an administrator is to "provide care for the long-term welfare of the institution." Pelton went on to make some observations about relations between administrators and students. "Not all decisions administrators make require input from students," Pelton said.

Summer campers invade Hanover

With the onslaught of summer, thousands of campers have invaded Dartmouth's campus to practice their tennis game, perfect their French accent and sharpen their debate skills in the numerous camps and workshops offered at the College. Dartmouth is a very popular spot for summer camps, said Director of Conferences and Events Linda Hathorn.

College awards honorary degrees to seven at ceremony

David Halberstam is not the only one who will be given an honorary degree at today's ceremony. Seven other people, from a teacher and a coach to three scientists, will receive the same distinction. Honorary doctor of letters degrees will be conferred to Halberstam, as well as sociologist and author Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet and educator Deborah Meier. Former Dartmouth football coach Bob Blackman will be awarded the honorary doctor of laws degree.

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