Kaelin Goulet


Biloxi Expense is Justified

To the Editor: While I agree with the basic premise of the recent Verbum Ultimum (Nov. 11), you are mistaken to paint the sum of money allocated to the Katrina relief efforts with the same brush of criticism as you do many of Student Assembly's budgetary decisions. You write about the break in precedent.

Losing Your V-Card

No, the first time isn't easy. It's unfamiliar and uncomfortable. But everyone is doing it in 2004 -- in their home states or in New Hampshire; by mail or at Town Hall -- and it's ultimately rewarding to share in an act most people have enjoyed for years. I won't undermine the intellect of Dartmouth students or the legitimacy of the voting process any further by reducing either to jokes or incentives (although, if you register with Vote Clamantis you're entered to win an iPod--okay, enough shameless self-promotion). We at the College, like many young people, already know the most important issues any citizen needs to know: those that matter to us and our community.