Kabir Sehgal


Abraham Kerry

John Kerry reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. Before you choke on your B-Feld, understand that I'm talking about Lincoln the person, not Lincoln the legend.

GE Outsourcing

Years ago India and Pakistan declared themselves nuclear powers. At the time, Indian National Minister L.K.

Google Wars

Every so often a war arises. No, I don't mean a military conflict like Vietnam or Iraq but a business one.

Just For the Taste of It

When did Diet Coke become a men's drink? When I was growing up, you didn't touch Diet Coke. It was a diet-conscious, weight-watching, Slim-Fast alternative.

Save Mickey Mouse

On Feb. 17, Comcast launched a surprise bid to buy Walt Disney & Co., Magic Kingdom and all, for $54 billion.

I Have a Scream ---- Not!

Howard Dean's scream may well have been the beginning of the end for the candidate's candidacy. The vocal harangue helped prove two of his competitors' primary points: Dean is un-presidential, and Dean is not just a left-winged loony but a pied piper of hot air.

Close, But No Cigar

Seems quiet around here with the primaries now over. But for the past 120 days, some of us have been making a lot of noise.

Record Company Idiocy

I'm sick of the whining. The record companies are acting like how Fat Albert would if someone took away his plump, oozing Twinkie.

Blitz Etiquette

I'm standing at Thayer waiting to check blitz. This time the usually defunct blitz terminals are working.

Affirmative Action in Iraq?

Remember all that affirmative action fuss? Grutter v. Bollinger, Bakke, Supreme Court -- all frequently-used Google keywords a few months ago.

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