Julie Glasgow


Folt set to examine liberal arts in webcast

College officials will debate the role of a modern liberal arts education in a live webcast, entitled "Undergraduate Education: Why It's Different at Dartmouth," next month as part of an effort to reach out to alumni. The webcast, to be held Monday, Dec.

Collins '53 to lead Alumni Association

Candidates nominated by the Association of Alumni overwhelmingly defeated a slate of prospective officers petitioned by the Association's members in elections for the Association's leadership Sunday. Alumni present in Hanover voted to elect Allen Collins '53 over petition candidate D.

Vermont professor to lecture on finding balance

Students overwhelmed by their hectic and pressure-packed schedules can find advice on how to manage their lives Saturday at a conference entitled, "Finding Balance: Leadership, Spirituality and Health" to be held in Collis Commonground. Organized by a committee of Dartmouth students and faculty, this weekend's conference has already created quite a buzz on campus.

Barreca uses comedy in addressing coeducation

Author, comedian and Dartmouth graduate Regina Barreca '79 surprised listeners at her Friday evening speech with a blunt, comedic take on her experience as one of the first women at Dartmouth and how that has shaped her view of feminism. Barreca's lecture, "Coeducation at Dartmouth: Celebrating Pioneering Men and Women," drew a 150-member audience.

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