Julia Luo




Growing and Glowing Up in Quarantine

If you're anything like me, this term has been a pernicious cycle of two extremes: eating an entire family-sized bag of PopCorners in one TikTok-fueled sitting, and then shamefully running five miles in repentance. 


Q&A With Boloco Founder John Pepper

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to lay off employees or even close permanently. In Hanover, a town defined by the charm of its mom-and-pop shops, the future of iced mocha lattes, cruller French toasts and modern Mexican bowls looks more uncertain than ever. This week, I spoke with Boloco founder John Pepper ’91 Tu’97 to discuss COVID-19’s impact on local restaurants and how the customer-dependent burrito company is reframing the crisis.  



Mask On, Mask Off: Fashion in a COVID World

What do pearls, fake Gucci, Baby Yoda, Billie Eilish and Donald Trump all have in common? They’re all plastered across face masks, which — as more states mandate their usage — we can only assume are here to stay.

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