Jordan Rose


Toe to Toe: Knapp vs. Rose (Rose)

I came across some pretty impressive statistics while perusing the Dartmouth Sports web site the other day. This year, six Dartmouth varsity teams won a division or conference title.

ROSES ARE GREEN: Lax conundrum

Right off the bat (pun totally intended), congrats to the Dartmouth baseball team on winning the Ivy League title two weekends ago.

Toe to Toe: Knapp vs. Rose (Rose)

Knapp and I are going to shy away from an entire Toe To Toe on the Final Four, because in my mind, there is not much that either of us could write that hasn't been said before.

Toe to Toe: Knapp versus Rose (Rose)

People used to ask me during job interviews, "Oh, so you're a senior; are you excited to graduate?" What a silly question, I would think to myself: Of course I'm not excited to graduate.