Jon Appleton


Translation Please?

To the Editor: Dean of Faculty Carol Folt's apologia for the narrow vision of her administration is so filled with cliches that perhaps she should consider a public relations position with Haliburton ("The Fact of the Matter," March 3). Where are the specifics?

It's All a Balancing Act

To the Editor: I am sure many faculty appreciated Michael Belinsky's insightful and forceful editorial "Teaching, Research, or Both?" (The Dartmouth, November 18). He suggests that Dartmouth "must evolve to compete or else continue to face the negative effects of stagnation." The reasons that these changes do not occur is complex but three important ones are: (1) the administration fears it will lose its alumni support, (2) we do not have a Dean of Faculty who has the vision or strength to urge change (although we did with Bharucha and Gazzaniga who each lasted only a year), (3) many faculty who do not do their own professional (research in Belinsky's terms) are threatened by an influx of faculty who do so.

Dean of Faculty Gets an F

To the Editor: It is not surprising that "a new ranking from an influential British publication placed Dartmouth 138th among the world's top 200 universities and last among Ivy League schools by 110 spots" (The Dartmouth, "Dartmouth buried in new rankings of top universities," November 9). In the last few years those who have tried to provide intellectual leadership have departed.

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