John Teti


The Importance of the Intangibles

One of the stranger conventions of newspaper writing that I observed while I was an editor at The Dartmouth came from the sports section.

Police question student

At least two Hanover Police officers and two Safety and Security officers responded to a call at Food Court last night as part of the ongoing investigation into Saturday's assaults on two female students. According to eyewitnesses, police officers entered Food Court and left with Timothy Hall '05, who had been eating in the portion of Thayer Hall formerly occupied by Westside. The police escorted Hall through the main dining area to the front of the building and questioned him.


'Buff' switch damages the fabric of Burnett's 'Survivor'

When I wrote my first "Survivor: Africa" recap, I admonished the 16 contestants for breaking "the rules." I never thought I would have to do the same for the show's executive producer, Mark Burnett. In Thursday's episode, the daily tree-mail tells Samburu and Boran to pick three of their "best" to go on a "quest." Gotta love that rhymin'! The trios head back to the original drop-off point (remember "Down!

Unidentified male assaults two students

In another unsettling incidence of on-campus crime, police are investigating two assaults on female students that occurred early Saturday morning at the Lodge and Streeter residence halls. Although Hanover Police officers confirmed that the matter is under investigation, they declined to give any details about their success so far in finding those responsible. The first incident occurred around 2:00 a.m.


Booted: Dartmouth alum will not be a 'Survivor'

Those clever "Survivor" producers tantalized TV Guide readers last week by telling them in the episode description that "a member of the Samburu tribe cracks under pressure." Who cracks? The obvious answer is Lindsey, who doesn't deal well with the psychological aftermath of Tribal Council.

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