Police question student

by John Teti | 11/16/01 6:00am

At least two Hanover Police officers and two Safety and Security officers responded to a call at Food Court last night as part of the ongoing investigation into Saturday's assaults on two female students.

According to eyewitnesses, police officers entered Food Court and left with Timothy Hall '05, who had been eating in the portion of Thayer Hall formerly occupied by Westside.

The police escorted Hall through the main dining area to the front of the building and questioned him. Food Court Supervisor Chris Halford confirmed that his office was used for the questioning.

Hall, who returned unaccompanied to the cafeteria shortly after, declined to comment.

Safety and Security was contacted after Pat Dowling '04, who witnessed the first attack on Saturday, saw a student who he believed was the perpetrator.

Hanover Police Patrol Officer Al Patterson would not confirm any details of the incident, saying that the police were present because they were "continuing the investigation" into the attacks.

When asked if the police had escorted any students out of Food Court, Patterson responded, "We brought nobody outside."

Safety and Security Investigator Rich Gavell reiterated Investigator Lauren Cummings' previous statement that authorities were "pursuing strong leads."

Three hours later, there was still a significant Safety and Security presence in front of Thayer.

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