John S. Winn and John S. Winn


Wetterhahn Article Incorrectly Identified Fatal Compound

To the Editor: Your "1997: The Year in Review" section included in last Friday's The Dartmouth mentions the tragic June death from mercury poisoning of chemistry Professor Karen Wetterhahn. The account ends with, "Wetterhahn was most likely exposed to the toxic metal in her College laboratory when she spilled several drops of mercury last August." I would like to correct one part of this sentence that, if left uncorrected, could lead to a misunderstanding.

Committee Advisory to the President has important voice in tenure decisions

To the Editor: I am writing regarding the article titled "Departments grant tenure to professors" [The Dartmouth, May 28]. I am correctly quoted in the article, but the article and its title give an impression that is wrong and should be corrected. Departments neither grant nor deny tenure to professors. This responsibility rests ultimately with the Trustees, who act on recommendations made by the President, who, in turn, acts on recommendations made by the Committee Advisory to the President.

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