Joe Peters



'G.I.Jane' is an after-school special on the big screen

Halfway through the movie "G.I. Jane," two trainee Navy SEALs are going through their first battle simulation in approaching a concealed enemy outpost which may or may not be occupied. When one remarks that there seems to be no one around, the other replies, "Well, I had a broken watch once, and it was right twice a day." If this strikes you as trite and unoriginal, brace yourself because it's about as original as this movie gets. "G.I.

The Marvin K. Mooney Award

The start of a new year is obviously a new beginning, but sometimes what is really needed is not so much a beginning as an end.

In Pursuit of Unhappiness

Consider this a post-mortem of the Proposition 209 debate. I don't know how others viewed the protest at Collis last Wednesday -- probably as an inspiring, pro-active gathering, or perhaps as a demonstration of solidarity.

Crossing the Line

I want to get publicity in order to draw attention to my proposal for immediate social transformation.

Why Vote?

Does anyone out there have a good reason to vote? All year, we've been deluged with campaign propaganda and slogans like "Choose or Lose." They all somehow conclude that voting is a good thing since we have the power to do so.