Jessica McDermott



DDS and KAF announce changes

During peak meal hours, students frequently face long lines at Collis Café and Courtyard Café. However, these overcrowded dining establishments may soon see a thinning of crowds as DDS aims to draw more students to Class of 1953 Commons. Director of Dartmouth Dining Services Jon Plodzik said that the long lines at Collis Café and Courtyard Café do not reflect well on Dartmouth’s dining program as a whole.

The Icarus Account was one of the many music groups that performed during Green Key.


Green Key sees 11 alcohol-related arrests

This year, Green Key saw a similar number of incidents involving Dartmouth and non-Dartmouth students compared to last year, and a lower number of non-Dartmouth student incidents compared to years prior, according to interim and associate director of Dartmouth Safety and Security Keysi Montás.