Jennifer Argote



A Date in the Hand is Worth Two on the Bus?

As senior Spring draws to an end and formal season begins, I find myself approaching my 13th and final Dartmouth formal unless you want to invite me to a 14th or 15th?! With so many formals, finding a proper date can be quite an adventure.


The Blunt Truth

From stories overheard in the Hop each weekend, to the quick action against Hanover Police's "sting operations," it's clear that alcohol plays a large role in the campus social scene.


Top 9 in 2009

Welcome to 2010! While you were slaving away in the corporate world over the summer, saving Africa during your off-term or just finishing up your last year of high school, you likely missed a beat or two of the campus drama over the past year so let's get you up to speed on a few of the biggest news stories at Dartmouth in 2009. President Kim.