Jeffrey Tanenhaus



Follett's space race novel disappoints

The date is January 1958, and Explorer I stands impressively on the Cape Canaveral runway. Rocket scientist Luke Lucas lies passed out in the men's room of Union Station with no recollection of how he got there or who he is.


'J. Lo' does not reach potential

She's back, and she's sexier than ever. Unfortunately for Jennifer Lopez, however, this does not necessarily translate into sophomore success.


Yo-Yo Ma dazzles in Hop show

Fingers quivering, elbows swinging and head rocking, Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble made a memorable first appearance at Dartmouth in front of a standing-room only audience last night in Spaulding auditorium. The Silk Road Ensemble features a collection of musicians, who, through their Eastern and Western instruments, highlight the contemporary culture of the legendary trading route and make Eastern and Western cross-cultural musical connections. The evening began with a Mongolian song about the Herlen River.


Orchestra to amplify three silent movies

This weekend three silent comedies will be screened in Spaulding Auditorium, but the theater will be anything but silent. Instead, Alloy Orchestra will provide a live accompaniment to the classic American movies and fill the theater with sounds so convincing and synchronized one would think they were coming from movies themselves. Widely considered the premier silent movie band, Alloy is able to manufacture and convey the right mood through its eclectic assortment of instruments that include both conventional, state-of-the-art and highly original items known as the "rack of junk" that are more closely related to junkyard scrap metal than anything sold in a music store. Alloy's ingenuity derives from its ability to convincingly manufacture any sound to match the events in a silent movie, whether it be Martian radio signals or a German bar band from the 1920s, much to the audience's auditory delight. Alloy has existed for 10 years and each year they create a new score, which is performed at the Telluride Film Festival in southwestern Colorado.


Van Dyk's electronica approaches pop appeal

In the newest of three releases, German electronica master Paul Van Dyk produces a two-disc gem that is soothing and rhythmically rich enough to captivate even the biggest techno-phobe. "Out There and Back" is a continuous-play mix of fluid, pulsating tunes and piano melodies that are just as appropriate for relaxing as they are for dancing.

SA gears up for Fall term projects

With just a few weeks remaining until the '04s descend upon the Hanover plain, the Student Assembly has been working this summer on student services for both newcomers and upperclassmen for the coming Fall term. The traditional summer Assembly focus has been geared toward short-term community service and student life projects. "I came in [to summer] thinking it was going to be a lot about student service projects for the '02s, and we've done a lot of that ... but we've had a good mix between what I expected to do and some longer projects for the fall and the year to come," summer Assembly President J.R.

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