Jedidiah Sorokin-Altmann


The Flaws of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

One might think that given the war on terror, America's interests in the Middle East and the general world scene, that Arab language specialists might be important to the U.S.

But what about speech?

To the Editor: Although I was pleased to read in Zeke Turner 09's op-ed, "Teaching the Art of Writing" (April 25) that the Writing Program is being overhauled with real and not merely cosmetic changes, I am distressed that one year has passed since professor Jim Kuypers left Dartmouth, and the Office of Speech remains shuttered.

Cronyism Run Amok

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." So said President George Bush to FEMA Director Michael Brown, shortly before Brown resigned in disgrace due to his agency's poor response to Hurricane Katrina.

Unfair Stereotyping

To the Editor: In Friday's "Verbum Ultimum," (The Dartmouth, November 19) The Dartmouth Editorial Board wrote of the inevitability of hazing in the Greek system, claiming that "some rules are meant to be broken" and that "hazing ... is an inevitable component of Greek life ..." As president of Phi Tau coeducational fraternity, I was horrified to read this perpetuation of some of the worst stereotypes about the Greek system, and even more disgusted that The Dartmouth staff apparently believes that it is impossible to separate the Greek system from hazing. Phi Tau's official creed is "Unitas in Diversitate" (Unity in Diversity), but we also have an unofficial motto as well.

Filtering Would Be Foolish

To the Editor: Dan Kleinman of the Plan2Succeed Citizens Group advocates installing "constitutionally approved Internet filters" in a letter to the editor titled "Masturbation Redux" (The Dartmouth, Aug.

Shameful Contempt

To the Editor: I was angered to read Paul Marino's April 11 diatribe "Berry Library," particularly by the bit where he treats Mr. Berry with the utmost contempt. John Berry gave $25 million to the College to build a better library, and we should be grateful.

A Question of Rights

In his May 22 Op-Ed piece, "On Homosexual Rights", Steven Lulich made some arguments that I intend to challenge.

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