Janos Marton


Marton: Co-ed Without Coercion

Current discussions over the Greek system are fixating on the wrong campus problem. Rather than quibbling over alcohol policy, Dartmouth fraternities should enter the 21st century by admitting women.

Southward to Biloxi

Ever since Captain Jack McDonald told me that my genetically irregular blood pressure rendered me ineligible for the Marines OCS program, I have wondered how one actually serves his or her country these days.

Paul Heintz is Ready to Fight

With all the commotion around the race for Student Body President, a true shout-out should go to David "Magic" Hankins, the hard-working senior who pushed Instant Runoff Voting through a skeptical Student Assembly.

The New Evil Empire

There was a time in my younger days when I used to believe that Republicans were evil. Every time I think that age and wisdom has tempered my judgment, something like the Voter Outreach of America comes along.

Parkhurst: More of the Same

Your article on September 29, "Registration Policy Shift Worries Greeks," was a dismaying but somewhat unsurprising update on the administration's continued battle to rein in Dartmouth social life to create a duller campus.

A Farewell to Rage

Most of life's decisions are just Coke versus Pepsi," my professor once explained. There's a lot of pressure when you first set foot on a college campus having been told by everyone to expect the best four years of your life, especially when most of us chose Dartmouth on a whim.

Parting Words As Dartmouth Heads to the Polls

Life really is full of surprises. For example, I didn't realize how insanely cold beach temperatures could get until I tried to spend spring break in Myrtle Beach last year sleeping under a boardwalk.

Enough About Trains

To the Editors: Trevor Burgess' patronizing letter to the editor on Jan. 12 highlights the fundamental contradiction of the proposed changes to the Alumni Constitution.

It's Not Over for Kerry Yet

What is the point of holding the first-in-the-nation primary if the media and rabid Deaniacs are telling us that the election is already over? The media's relentless attacks on the John Kerry campaign as "flailing" or "failing" are very misleading.

The President Speaks

Nothing can adequately describe the madness of college. The odyssey that brought me to where I am now more or less went like: Show up to strange people singing and dancing, have a ridiculously cool DOC trip, almost get mono from eating out of a giant Ben and Jerry's container with my trippees.