Jaime Bedrin


Once Around

Something strange happened to me about three weeks ago as I was making my way into a crowded cafe during a typical lunch hour in Manhattan.

A Confession

With graduation so near, I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend several student thesis presentations this spring term.

Much Ado About Names

Can you remember a time when you were younger and, oh, such a kid? Perhaps a time when you thought that you would never reach the seventh grade and that all of the eighth graders were the coolest kids in the hallways, their lockers towering over you like pillars of reverence.

Print in Black Ink Only

So recently I applied for a job where I was required to send in a set of my fingerprints. Let me clarify: new fingerprints.

Please Pass the Pickles

In general I like the selection of food at Dartmouth. I often find myself eating better in Hanover than I would at home.

Primary Values

Kudos to James Wright for recognizing Dartmouth's value as a research institution. What a way to credit the students and faculty here at Dartmouth who are currently spending their time in excellent research: medicine, science, drama, history, gay and lesbian studies, history, psychology etc.

A Rite of Passage

When my father turned 13, he celebrated his Bar-Mitzvah. It was just days after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Face to Face

The recent tragedy of the school yard shootings in Arkansas has lead me to think about criminal acts in our society.

The Wedding Shower Blues

This past weekend I went home for a job interview in New Jersey. However, I forgot that my mother Diane and her friend, also Diane, were throwing a surprise wedding shower for one of their close friends, Marcye, for a second marriage.

The All-Important ID

Imagine yourself late at night craving a spoonful or two of the fabulous fat-free Carvel ice cream from Food Court.

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