Jacob T. Elberg


Dartmouth Undying

When I think about graduating from Dartmouth, I think less about the fact that my fellow classmates are so talented that they will be heading off to do amazing and exciting things next year, and more about the fact that most are so in love with their college that they would trade their plans in a second for a chance to be a Dartmouth student for one more year. I was walking across campus a few nights ago with some friends, enjoying the night and somehow blocking out the fact that it would be one of our last before graduation.

Cataldo '00 issued trespass warning

Hanover Police issued a warning for trespassing on College property to Peter Cataldo '00, a Safety and Security officer told students Friday night.

Class of 2000 will not see Initiative changes

Despite comments in February by Trustee Chair Stephen Bosworth '61 that fraternity and sorority rush would be affected in the fall of 1999, it now seems unlikely the College's social and residential life system will see significant change before the graduation of the Class of 2000. The Board of Trustees will decide sometime during the Winter or Spring terms how to implement the controversial Social and Residential Life Initiative, according to the Steering Committee's trustee co-chairs, Peter Fahey '68 and Susan Dentzer '77, who detailed the projected timeline of the process during an interview with The Dartmouth over the weekend. But although change might not come as quickly as first expected, both co-chairs denied speculation that the Trustees are backing off from the severity of the changes suggested during the initial announcement five months ago. In February, Bosworth said the upcoming fall's rush process would be affected by the initiative, saying "what you call 'traditional rush' is no longer relevant," and speculated the Trustees would come to a decision in the fall or winter. But Fahey and Dentzer said Saturday the first few weeks of fall term - when fraternity and sorority rush takes place for the Class of 2002 - will be the time when the Steering Committee presents to the Dartmouth community "an array of alternative approaches" for how the Initiative might be implemented, and the announcement of final decisions by the Board will not take place until Winter or Spring term of 2000. The Committee will spend Fall term listening to feedback from the community about the options presented, as well as any new options which surface.

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