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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Cataldo '00 issued trespass warning

Hanover Police issued a warning for trespassing on College property to Peter Cataldo '00, a Safety and Security officer told students Friday night. Cataldo was evicted from his Topliff dorm room Wednesday evening after he was accused of making anti-Semitic threats.

Hanover Police, Safety and Security and College officials would neither confirm nor deny the incident -- or that Cataldo is currently not allowed on campus -- when contacted by The Dartmouth yesterday during the afternoon and evening.

Safety and Security officers came to Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity Friday night between 11:30 and midnight after learning Cataldo was at the party SAE was holding that evening, according to SAE President Thad Glowacki '00. Once there, the officers asked Cataldo to leave.

After leaving the house, Cataldo was met by Hanover Police, and he spoke with police and Safety and Security officers, according to Glowacki. A Safety and Security officer later told Glowacki the police had given Cataldo a trespassing warning because he was "not supposed to be on College property."

House officers from SAE and Psi Upsilon fraternity -- another house that was having a registered party Friday night -- were told by a Safety and Security officer earlier in the evening to contact Safety and Security if they saw Cataldo.

Safety and Security evicted Cataldo from his dorm room in Topliff Hall Wednesday evening, after he was accused of writing an anti-Semitic threat on the message board of Charles Gussow '01.

On Wednesday morning, the threat "KKK, Kill Kosher Kykes" was written with a dry-erase marker on Gussow's message board.

Gussow, who is the undergraduate adviser on the floor and lives two doors away from Cataldo, said on Wednesday evening, shortly before the eviction, that Cataldo entered his room and said to him, "I hate the Jews," and promptly left.

Cataldo did not admit or deny writing the threat when contacted by The Dartmouth Thursday night, saying only "Praise Jesus Christ, the only son of the only God." Cataldo was unavailable for comment last night.

Gussow said Cataldo twice made references to buying a gun on Friday, November 6. Last Tuesday, Gussow found the phrase "Hitler was a great man" written on his board and on Saturday, Oct. 30, two Topliff residents discovered the slur "Jews Suck" on the same board.

Senior Associate Dean Dan Nelson declined to comment last night on Cataldo's status as a student at the College, or even confirm Cataldo had been evicted from his dorm room.

Nelson would not speak specifically about Cataldo, saying only that he thinks the College has handled the anti-Semitic scrawlings situation "responsibly and appropriately."