Jacob Baron


Vox Clamantis: Keep Speaking Up

To the Editor: The results of the trustee race are in, and they speak for themselves. The Council-nominated candidates won in a veritable rout.

The Pursuit of Happiness

We Americans work a lot. A 2005 study by the Families and Work Institute found that two-thirds of Americans are either "highly" or "chronically" overworked, and it shows in our faces and sighs.

Electing Not To Vote

As we roll into November 2007 with all political eyes fixed on November 2008, do not let this year's Election Day pass you by.

Sociopathic Scripture

Over the summer, I once found myself on the subway with a non-New Yorker friend of mine when one of those obnoxious subterranean sermonizers stumbled into our subway car and began to rant.

A Redefining Movement

After six weeks of voting, 44 relevant articles and opinions in this paper and extensive coverage in the national media, Stephen Smith '88 was elected last Thursday as Dartmouth's newest trustee.

Colbert for SA President

Having witnessed the farcical antics of this year's Student Assembly, Dartmouth students are treating the upcoming presidential elections with their annual surge of relentless cynicism.

A Better Left

It has been said that liberals are very broadminded. They are always willing to give careful consideration to all sides of the same side. In the wake of the ongoing discussion on campus activism in these pages, I cannot help but see some truth in that statement.

Large Classes, Misplaced Priorities

Let's chat about priorities. If I asked you to tell me your priorities in life, you could probably give me, with some thought, a reasonably complete list.

Shrewd Scrutiny on Smith

There is a lot of fog surrounding the petition candidacy of Stephen Smith '88 for Dartmouth's Board of Trustees.