Jack Boger


This Dartmouth

Part of the advice I received for this piece was to write the article you've always wanted to write, but a column in the senior issue has never been something I have looked forward to.


Ready or Not

The frenzy over the alleged Mayan apocalypse on Dec 21 highlighted an interesting trend in American pop culture: a focus on the end of civilization and what might lay beyond.


When the Old Traditions Fail

Marietta Smith / The Dartmouth Staff One of our alma mater's most memorable lines asks us to "set a watch, lest the old traditions fail." Yet throughout the College's history, many old traditions have indeed failed and passed on into the twilight of memory.


A History of the Dartmouth Man

The recent Rolling Stone article "Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy" profiles the now infamous Dartmouth student Andrew Lohse '12 and his allegations of hazing and its subsequent cover-up here in Hanover.


Scratching that Itch: STDs and Sexual Health

We always think everything bad will happen to other people. We watch our teammates tear ACLs, our friends get Good Sammed and our peers flunk tests, but we swear it could never happen to us. This attitude extends to our sexual proclivities.


Cutter-Shabazz: A Look at Campus's Black Community

A stately brick building with white shutters and a copper cupola perched on the roof, Cutter-Shabazz blends in with Dartmouth's typical Georgian architecture, save for the unusual script above the front door: "El Hajj Malik El Shabazz," the Muslim name adopted by Malcolm X. Home to the Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry, part of the College's affinity housing program, Cutter houses the office for the Afro-American Society and a space for campus events.

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