Henry Shi


Clarifying Free Speech

To the Editor: N. Alex Tonelli, in his Oct. 13 column "Social Engineering at its Worst," writes: "It is blatantly unconstitutional to deem speech inappropriate simply based on the offensive nature it might contain" [sic]. Setting aside the question of whether speech can possibly contain some innate "nature," one notices immediately two things wrong with the quoted statement. First, the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government (Congress, and later by extension the states as well) from passing laws abridging freedom of speech.

A Brief Case for Invading Iraq

Amidst the current national debate over the proper United States policy toward Iraq, the pro-invasion argument is based almost exclusively on Iraq's putative weapons of mass destruction programs and the Iraqi government's ties to terrorist organizations. The claim that Iraq is carrying out a renewed weapons program, whether or not it's true, does not provide a new or unique reason for invasion.