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Hopkins Center promotes student engagement through #SmallScreenFun

Since April, the Hopkins Center for the Arts’ virtual cinema program, #SmallScreenFun, has provided Dartmouth community members with the opportunity to stream films and join live Q&As featuring filmmakers, film scholars and celebrity guests. This term, the Hop has given students a greater role in the program, allowing them to act as moderators and ask guests questions.


Jewelry studio proves to be an accessible hidden gem on campus

Nestled in the basement of the Hopkins Center for the Arts is the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio (affectionately referred to as the “J-Shop” by frequent studio-goers), a cozy enclave with dozens of shelves filled with countless multicolored tools, beads and wires. With its vast assortment of materials and friendly, knowledgeable staff, the studio is a resource for crafting anything from creative academic projects to gifts for friends and family.



‘The Living’ to discuss humanity in the face of deadly epidemic

Bringing a new perspective to our understanding of how people react in the face of disease is this term’s MainStage theater performance “The Living,” which will be performed in The Moore Theater from Nov. 15 to 17. With darkly dramatic scenes and a profound take on the humanity of remaining kind in the face of adversity, the play recalls the struggle of Londoners in 1665 during the height of the bubonic plague in a way that is current and unmistakably relevant to the epidemics that still threaten to unravel society today.

The Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra strives to accurately represent the nuances of history through music. 


The Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra's musical performances bring history to life on stage

This evening at the Spaulding Auditorium, the Hopkins Center will welcome an incredible performing group to campus: The Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale, which will explore the works of Jewish violinist and composer Salamone Rossi. According to its website, the PBO’s mission is to represent history on the modern stage, recalling the sounds of the past with period-specific details that accurately depict the beautiful orchestral melodies of the Baroque, Classical and Early Romantic periods. 

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