Hank Leukart



Leukart: Ten Years Later

I spent the month of April this year racing on foot across Morocco with a camera, working as a television producer on ABC's upcoming adventure-race show, "Expedition Impossible." For 20 days straight, I tried to catch my breath, chasing firemen, professional football players, an 18-year-old girl from Kansas and famous, blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer across sand dunes and around ancient Kasbahs. Surprisingly, it was only the second most bizarre job I've ever had.

Five Years Later

Four years ago, a year after walking across the Dartmouth commencement stage, I wrote an essay for The Dartmouth titled "One Year Later," in which I wrote about spending my post-grad summer with a girlfriend at Dartmouth without any classes to worry about, getting trapped in Europe on Sept.

One Year Later

Upon graduating last year, I had everything all figured out. I planned to spend the summer working at a film studio in Santa Monica, then take a quick vacation traveling Europe, and finally start working for Microsoft in Seattle in the fall. Of course, the week after I threw my mortarboard into the air, I decided to skip out of the film internship, and I instead flew to New York City.


A time for tears as nation bids farewell to 'Survivor'

I'm not sure if I will be able to make it through the next five weeks of my life. As with all good things, CBS's "Survivor: The Australian Outback" will cease with tonight's episode, and there's a lot of crying going on in my dorm room lately: Colby's crying about missing his mother, Tina's crying about missing Doritos (and essentially anything edible), Keith's crying over the engagement to his girlfriend; and of course, my crying over the poignancy of the "Survivor" contestants crying, my crying over Elisabeth's recent exit from the show, and my crying about trying to make it through the final five weeks of my college career and beyond without "Survivor" to keep me company during lonely Thursday nights. What will I be missing?

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