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Hanover provides plethora of film options

Hanover may be a small town in the New Hampshire hills, but you would not know it from going to the movies here. With one of the strongest college film societies in the country and a first rate local theater, Dartmouth students have access to a movie selection that is mostly unsurpassed north of New York City. This is a brief guide to the movie outlets in Hanover: Dartmouth Film Society -- Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the DFS is one of the oldest active film societies in the country.


Gene Siskel always relied on common sense in his reviews

Roger Ebert was always my favorite of the two. He was more dependable, more consistent and often more intellectual. And yet, without Gene Siskel, I probably would have considered Ebert snotty and annoying, too concerned with the theory and craft of films, not at all in-tune with actual movie audiences. Siskel was the human element in the duo's chemistry.

Stanford's Provost Asst. to Be Next Dean of the College

James Larimore, assistant to the Provost at Stanford University, will become Dartmouth's next dean of the College in July 1999, President James Wright announced today. The dean-elect, who attended the rally on the Collis Center porch this afternoon, said he was "impressed" with the student discourse he heard.


'Late Night's' Carl 'Oldy' Olsen dies at 76

The year was 1994. A baseball strike had crippled the nation's sports fans. A fledgling ex-"Simpsons" writer was struggling to survive in David Letterman's old spot on NBC's "Late Night." And the small legion of Conan fans was introduced to the comic talents of William Preston, now known to millions of television viewers as Carl "Oldy" Olsen. Preston, who brought a Santa Claus beard and maniacal laugh to the role of Oldy Olsen, died Friday at the age of 76. Conan O'Brien's first years at "Late Night" were shaky, to say the least.

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