Hanover offers a wide range of cuisines for all palates

by Erik Tanouye | 7/15/98 5:00am

Food. While it is not usually high on the list of reasons for picking a certain college, it does become an important issue once you arrive on campus.

Students care about their food. They might protest modestly over political issues, but when something threatens their food supply, the entire campus is inevitably up in arms.

So before classes start and your hectic schedule dictates where you eat, take some time to explore the dining options in Hanover.

Everything But Anchovies

EBAs is a staple food source for night owls, offering a dining area and delivery until 2 a.m. every night. Pizza, breadsticks, signature chicken sandwiches and Tuscany bread are some of their most popular offerings.

Sure to be a significant part of your college dining experience, EBAs is planning to expand this fall to offer more seating and a room for parties. You'll need to memorize their phone number (the catchy radio jingle makes this an easy task) if you don't have a speed dialer.


This old-fashioned pizza hang-out also offers subs and other fare for dine-in or delivery. Some old-timers say it used to be the big restaurant in town before EBAs arrived.

Cafe Buon Gustaio

Located on Main Street in Hanover, Cafe Buon Gustaio offers fine Italian cuisine, such as pasta, seafood and salads. Reservations and better-than-casual dress are recommended.

The Dirt Cowboy Cafe

This Hanover equivalent of Starbucks offers great coffee and baked goods and a Bohemian setting for the hipster inside of you. Great for coffee before class or a sweet drink at night. Goatee and black clothing is optional.

5 Olde Nugget Alley

"Five Old" offers a variety of cuisine, especially American and Mexican, amidst a setting of antiques and College-related memorabilia. Their lunch and dinner menus include burgers, sandwiches and pasta.


This pizzeria has plenty of specialty pizzas and more than 40 different toppings. They were named the Best Pizza in New England in a 1990 Boston radio contest. Foodee's also offers delivery in addition to dining room facilities.


Open 24 hours a day, Foodstop truly is a convenience store. For late night snacks and drinks, emergency groceries, cigarettes, gasoline and everything else in between, Foodstop is the place to go for convenience store selections at convenience store prices. The interesting late-night crowd and entertaining employees make a trip down Main Street that much more worth it.

Jesse's Steak House

A real log-cabin building with a famous salad bar and steaks, Jesse's is where all the Hanover High School students go for their prom. That should not discourage you, however. Great food makes this place worth it. Jesse's is a great place to go when the parents are in town and volunteer to take you and your buddies to dinner.


Lou's Main Street restaurant has a great bakery and popular breakfast selections, although they are not open for dinner. A popular place to take the parents for breakfast on Homecoming or any other weekend, expect a lengthy wait at the breakfast and brunch hours.

Molly's Balloon and Deli

Molly's offers food and a setting similar to T.G.I. Friday's, plus a deli during the day for sandwiches and salads to go.

Murphy's on the Green

A steak and seafood tavern, Murphy's also offers a variety of drinks and beers for your parents and other acquaintances who happen to be 21 or older.

Bagel Basement

A bagel shop in the tradition of any New York bagelry, the Bagel Basement makes a wide variety of bagels and cream cheese fresh daily. Located across from EBA's, it's the ideal morning pitstop. Be sure not to miss the delicious muffins.

Old Pete's Tavern

This is a tavern of the medieval flavor where the basement location and quaint lighting add to the atmosphere. It's located right in the middle of Main Street.

Panda House

Panda House is the place to go for Chinese food and sushi in a comfy setting conveniently located behind the Hop in the basement of the Hanover Park Building. Glass walls and ceilings add to the atmosphere, and the food is great. They also offer drinks with little umbrellas in them. You can get it delivered to your door, too. Panda also offers Dartmouth students a 10 percent discount on purchases in the dining room.

Ramunto's Brick 'N Brew

Ramunto's is the new kid on the block, having recently expanded into Hanover from West Lebanon to bring their Sicilian thick crust pizza to Main Street. After adding delivery last year, Ramunto's is quickly becoming a popular alternative to EBAs


The only fast food franchise in Hanover, Subway offers a taste of city life along with their fresh made sandwiches. They're in the same building as Vermont's finest ice cream haven, Ben and Jerry's.

Beyond Hanover

If you can beg, borrow or steal a car, visit fancy Italian restaurants like Lui Lui's or Sweet Tomatoes, fast food fare like McDonald's, diners like Fort Lou's and the Four Aces diner or the Tex-Mex food of Shorty's. Don't pass up any opportunities to eat outside of Hanover.

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