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Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour gave a talk on Friday as part of APAHM.


APAHM highlights identity and home

This month, as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, an annual celebration of the pan-Asian community, the College saw several events, including a keynote address from Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and an upcoming fashion show. Coordinated through the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, the APAHM planning committee consists of three subcommittees: programming, marketing and finance, in addition to a general group of volunteers.


Apple orchard crops up on Organic Farm

This spring, an exciting new fruit has cropped up on the Dartmouth Organic Farm, as an apple orchard has been planted. “We read a really good proverb in an apple orchard management book that said ‘the best time to plant an apple tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today,’” Organic Farm club member Marshall Wilson ’17 said. At the beginning of winter term, Wilson partnered with Ellyn Golden ’17 to plant a new apple orchard next to the Organic Farm, located three miles from the College, after applying for and receiving funding from a Dartmouth Outing Club Environmental Studies Division grant. The new orchard includes 12 trees, paired into six different varieties: Crimson Topaz, Golden Russet, Sweet Sixteen, Wealthy, Zestar and Winecrisp apples. According to Wilson, the apple trees were grafted onto preexisting tree roots, which allows the trees to grow to a manageable height while still producing fruit.

Kuster ’78 urges students to vote

Student voices in the upcoming election are more important than ever, Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster ’78 said yesterday at a question and answer forum hosted by the College Democrats.


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