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'Lights Out' (2016): a study in contemporary American horror

What was the last good horror film you saw? Furthermore, what constitutes a good horror film? Did it scare you out of your seat? Were you up all night anxious of every movement in the dark? Did you need to constantly reaffirm to yourself that it was all just a movie?


‘Swiss Army Man’ (2016) dares to dream, but the reality falls short

“Swiss Army Man” (2016) has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year from A24, a production company that served as a distributor of critically acclaimed films such as “Spring Breakers” (2012), “Ex Machina” (2015), “Amy” (2015) and “Room” (2015). This latest addition to the A24 family, however, falls well short of A24’s lofty standards.

Lizzy Rogers '16 will be screening her culminating senior project, a 4-minute silent film, tonight.


Student Spotlight: Lizzy Rogers ’16 to screen film tonight

In her film and media studies culminating project, Lizzy Rogers ’16 dabbled with conventional and experimental animation techniques to create a short film that is both narratively compelling and aesthetically stimulating. The film, titled “A True Story About You,” deals with existentialist realizations.

Anna-Kay Thomas '12 is a freelance entertainment TV host based primarily out of New York.


Alumna Q&A: TV host Anna-Kay Thomas ’12

Anna-Kay Thomas ’12 works as a freelance entertainment television host primarily out of New York. She has interviewed the likes of Kevin Jonas, D.M.C., Hoda Kotb, John Starks and other entertainment personalities for various news outlets. Thomas is also an award-winning and nationally-ranked slam poet.

Audience members watch an opening film at Tuesday’s EYEWASH.


EYEWASH brings sound and film artists to campus

Exploring the peculiar and innovative world of experimental art, the digital music and film and music department collaborated this spring to produce EYEWASH: Experimental Images and Sounds, a series that brings experimental film, video and sound artists to campus for screenings and performances.

Grace and the Carnivore played alongside two other bands at Friday’s FNR.


Grace and the Carnivore headline last Friday’s FNR

Last Friday night, the lights in Sarner Underground illuminated the stage with mood-setting hues as Grace Carney ’17, member of the Rockapellas and winner of Dartmouth Idol 2016, took the stage along with her band Grace and the Carnivore to headline a Friday Night Rock show that featured a trio of Boston-based alternative bands. FNR, a student run organization that works to bring alternative music acts to campus, have welcomed notable past performers such as Danny Brown, Titus Andronicus, The World Is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die, Of Montreal, The Mountain Goats and The Front Bottoms.


Alumna Q&A: Writer and director Clara Aranovich ’07

Based in Los Angeles, Clara Aranovich ’07 has worked in the film industry primarily as a writer, director and actress but has credits as a video editor, producer, cinematographer, camera assistant and sound editor as well. Her latest projects include acting in “Yosemite” (2015) starring James Franco as well as writing, directing and acting in “Primrose” (2015), a short film that was nominated for the SXSW Grand Jury Award.