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Markwort '04 studies, tastes rocks

While hot dogs and hamburgers are often the staple of summer meals, senior Ross Markwort's diet over the past two months was unusually mineral-rich.

Alpha Week starts off with forum on hip-hop

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity's annual Alpha Week kicked off last evening in Collis Commonground with an examination on the current state of hip hop. The event, entitled "Warning Explicit Content: The Hypocrisy in Hip Hop" was primarily a discussion based forum that allowed audience members to voice their opinions on a variety of issues including the commercialism of hip-hop and the content of rap music. Alpha Phi Alpha member Heiyab Tessena '04, who served as the event's moderator, began the evening with a multimedia presentation on the foundations of hip-hop.

From kosher meals to comfort food -- DDS offers variety

Whether you're a fan of classic American cuisineand hunger for burgers and fries and sloppy joes, or posses a more adventurous palate, seeking out, say, alligator and peppered tenderloin, the Dartmouth Dining Service will be sure to satiate your eating needs. Dartmouth Dining Service (known throughout campus as DDS) offers 12 dining locations around campus.


British fests attract top talent

A pair of the most substantial musical festivals of the year kickoff in only two days, but unfortunately you're going to have to travel to England if you want to catch them. The Leeds and Reading Festivals consistently provide three days of big name talent, and this weekend's offerings are certainly no exceptions.


Vines debut has some thorns

Well two out of three ain't bad. The British media hype machine was dead on when they proclaimed The Strokes as the next big thing.


'Waking Life' is worth living

Director and screenwriter Richard Linklater appears to have great difficulty shedding his "Dazed and Confused" mindset with "Waking Life," an entrancing animated voyage that's destined to be a requirement in any stoner's video collection. While "Life's" trippy visuals (the film was animated over live-action footage) may provide sufficient fodder to hook in the toking crowd, Linklater's engrossing script, which explores the fine line between the dream and real world, is sure to captivate the clear-headed as well. Since his 1991 cult-fave, "Slacker," a string of isolated vignettes which explores a day in the lives of hapless Gen-Xers in Austin, Texas, Linklater has been able to create a style all his own. His impressive ability to formulate a variety of highly unique and memorable characters through witty and often thought provoking dialogue was acknowledged by many with the release of his critically and commercially successful hit, "Dazed and Confused," one of those rare teen comedies that doesn't make you proclaim, "not another teen movie." Linklater's depiction in "Dazed" of a final school day in the late '70s accurately captures the eagerness and awkwardness of rising freshmen and the high-anxiety of students facing their final year of high school with charming realism. With "Waking Life," Linklater proves that his writing ability has matured over the past decade.


Barenaked Ladies clown around

You might assume Monday night's program at the Verizon Wireless Arena, which included a selection from "Annie," a bass presentation of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and a rendition of a Muppet's "near, far" shtick, had to be part of a "Sesame Street Live" performance.


Anastasio, Claypool and Copeland a 'Grand' failure

Oysterhead's debut release, "The Grand Pecking Order," is a failure of XFL proportions. To label the band a "supergroup" would have been appropriate over a year ago when the trio of guitarist/vocalist Trey Anastasio bassist/vocalist Les Claypool and drummer Stewart Copeland -- each extraordinary musicians in their own right -- debuted at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to much fanfare. That show, which featured a spirited mix of original songs and covers -- including a ferocious version of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" -- left many salivating for more. But with their first studio effort, it seems Oysterhead should have been a one-shot deal. There is but one moment on "The Grand Pecking Order" that makes the release appear to be a worthwhile experiment.

Sr. week, Class Day divert '01s

Through an increased organizational effort from the 2001 Class Council, graduates were treated to a variety of events over the past week and participated in some traditional activities that date back almost to the College's founding. Senior Week Committee co-Chairs Gabriela Garcia '01 and Jamison Sadlon '01 began organizing a number of the Senior Week activities during Winter term.

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