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June 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
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From kosher meals to comfort food -- DDS offers variety

Whether you're a fan of classic American cuisineand hunger for burgers and fries and sloppy joes, or posses a more adventurous palate, seeking out, say, alligator and peppered tenderloin, the Dartmouth Dining Service will be sure to satiate your eating needs.

Dartmouth Dining Service (known throughout campus as DDS) offers 12 dining locations around campus. Rather then provide limited, and often mediocre buffet meals that most other colleges offer, the DDS mealplan allows you to mix and match your meal a la carte-style via a declining balance account

Each DDS eatery has a variety of unique offerings that you will become familiar with rather quickly.

And although the general offerings often sound similar from one venue to another, the Dartmouth student quickly learns that a Homeplate sandwich is very different from a Collis sandwich, and neither is anything like a Food Court sandwich.

Food Court

Food Court, located in Thayer Dining Hall -- not to be confused with the Thayer School of Engineering -- is the largest DDS eatery. Noted for its long hours, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily and generic fare, Food Court provides a great late-night dining option and is often prone to long lines during peak dining hours.

A newly installed pizza station provides the first dining option upon entering Food Court. Adjacent is the grill, where made to order chicken sandwiches, burgers and cheese steaks are available. Each day, Food Court offers a rotating lunch and dinner special that ranges from lasagna to a Boston fish fry. Once-a-term theme meals, such as French night and Mardi Gras night raise the bar for Food Court's cuisine.

A sandwich station, a salad bar and top-notch desserts, including an ice cream sundae spread, round out Food Court's offerings.


Adjacent to Food Court, Homeplate provide a healthy alternative to Food Court's often greasy offerings. But don't expect merely sprouts and tofu. Homeplate provides innovative specials such as pepper tenderloin and lime-spiked salmon. A vegetarian entre is also available.

While Homeplate diners often incur long waits, it is worth checking out the sandwich station and grill, both of which are superior to those offered by Food Court. Monday's chicken slouvaki and Thursday make-your-own noodle bowls are highlights of the extensive grill menu.

The Pavillion

In between Homeplate and Food Court stands The Pavillion, Dartmouth's kosher and halal dining facility. The Pavillion offers standard American fare as well as Middle Eastern specialties such as falafel and couscous.


Upstairs in Thayer is Topside, Dartmouth's answer to a convenience store. Aside from offering a large variety of food items, ranging from Ben and Jerry's ice cream to Hot Pockets, Topside also offers, toiletries, batteries, school supplies and other assorted essential college items.

Collis Caf

During those rare warm weather days, Collis Caf provides a wonderful dining option, with patio seating over looking the Green.

Even when the weather cools off, Collis provides a tasty, albeit limited menu.

Collis' smoothie bar is a favorite stop amongst Dartmouth students. A variety of fruits, juices, yogurt and honey is provided for these refreshing yet healthy concoctions.

Stir fry, made with veggies, tofu, beef or chicken and topped with sauces ranging from peanut to scathing hot and made-to-order omelets and sandwiches and an extensive salad bar are staples on the Collis menu.

Soups of the day -- which have included strawberry rhubarb and African peanut -- are some of the more exotic DDS offerings on campus. A trip to Collis isn't complete without sampling the delcious variety of brownies, tea bread and other freshly baked goods.

Lone Pine Tavern

For those over the age of 21 sick of Beast and Keystone Light, Lone Pine Tavern, the sole DDS eatery that serves alcohol, offers a fantastic selection of local and international beers. Students not of age can enjoy a variety of novelty sodas and ice cream drinks.

Despite the interminable wait for food, Lone Pine offers quality food with great ambiance (patrons are often treated to live music). For students in a rush, Lone Pine offers the oppurtunity to call ahead an order for pick-up or in-room dining.

Courtyard Caf

Located in the Hopkins Center, Courtyard Caf, known almost exclusively as the "Hop" -- is the perfect dining option before seeing a show.

The grill, celebrated for its food and energetic work staff, highlights the Hop eating experience. The chicken queso, all-day breakfast sandwiches are some of the more popular options on the Hop menu.

Refrigerator cases are stocked with boxed salads, wrapped sandwiches and pasta salads. Two to three soups, which often include chili, chicken stew and delicious corn and clam chowders are usually offered.

The recently-opened submarine sandwich counter makes the Hop a solid bet for lunch.

Novack Caf

Celebrating its two year anniversary this fall is the Novack Caf in the brand-new Berry Library. Providing some very social study space, generally good coffee and a selection of other beverages, the caf area is crowded in the evenings.

Sandwiches and salads made in the Thayer kitchens and shipped over to Novack are also available, as are as pastries and soups.

North Caf and Byrne Hall

North Caf and Byrne Hall -- located in the medical school and business/engineering schools, respectively -- provide tasty fare, but cater mainly to graduate students. Undergraduates are welcome, but generally do not take many meals at the facilities.

For those lucky East Wheelock residents, a snack shop is also open to satisfy the hunger pangs of late-night studiers.

Off Campus

When it's time for a night on the town -- or you simply can't look another Hop fry in the eye -- wander down Hanover's Main Street and check out the various options.

Murphy's on the Green, Molly's Balloon and Olde Nugget Alley all offer atmosphere and tasty American food at reasonable prices. All three offer a wide variety of fare and friendly waitstaff.

The burgers at Murphy's and the pastas at Molly's are a good place to start your off-campus eating adventure. Molly's even provides crayons and paper tablecovers to keep hungry customers entertained while waiting for their food.

A new Mexican restaurant located near and owned by Murphy's should liven up Hanover's dining scene.

Sunday brunch at Lou's is a staple. Providing delicious breakfast all day for patrons seated in diner-style booths, it is no wonder that the line for a table often stretches out the door. The coffee and baked goods are not to be missed either.

All three Hanover pizza joints offer dorm delivery and grease with their orders. Everything But Anchovies -- which does in fact offer anchovies and is known as EBA's -- is open until 2 a.m. and, besides greasy pizza, offers a strange mix of sandwiches and salads. The buffalo chicken egg rolls provides a tasty fusion snack.

Ramunto's offers brick oven pizzas in addition to regular crust. Their garlic knots and the garlic knot pizza are legendary, but some students have reportedly had their mouth's cited for air pollution after partaking. C&As also delivers tasty pizza and sandwiches.

Mai Thai, located on Main Street, is the only area option for Thai food. The noodle dishes are especially good, although the portions are somewhat small and the service can be slow when the restaurant is busy.

Panda House provides dine-in or delivery for those with a craving for Chinese food or sushi.

For Indian food, two options exist, both of which deliver: India Queen and Jewel of India. Both are relatively inexpensive, and provide a nice change from Food Court pasta.

A few Hanover restaurants offer the menus and atmosphere for unusually special occasions, with the prices to match. The Daniel Webster Room in the Hanover Inn is legendary and reservations should be made now for Class of 2006 graduation.

Zin's Wine Bistro, also in the Inn, and Caf Buon Gustaio also provide upscale dining.

Located off Main Street across from EBA's, the Bagel Basement offers fresh-baked bagels, cream cheese and other spreads and bagel sandwiches.

Although now operating reduced hours to the dismay of many a caffeine addict, the Dirt Cowboy Caf provides some of the best coffee, pastries and other snacks in Hanover. It's hard to miss on Main Street directly across from the Green.

Rosey Jekes, located behind the Hop, also provides a wide selection of coffees, teas and baked goods. Their paninis are rumored to have turned some students into regulars.