Dave Gacioch


The Case for Due Process

In a letter to the community dated November 15, 1999 dealing with recent incidents of anti-Semitism, Dean of the College James A.

Credit Where Credit is Due

It's really high time that someone get public credit for the generally outstanding food service that we get here at Dartmouth.

A Lack of Tact?

Is it possible that Dartmouth Trustee Susan Dentzer '77 just has no tact? It can't be! After all, she is a well-respected correspondent for The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, so she has obviously learned to choose her words carefully at some point along the way.

A Little Teamwork

C'mon, I mean how often do you read a column in this publication dedicated to how well the College administration (or at least some small part thereof) has worked with students in pursuit of a student goal?

Let's Rethink COSO

A few weeks ago, The Dartmouth reported that the Council on Student Organizations -- which many of us know simply as "COSO" -- was considering new standards for student publications, including a ban on anonymously printed submissions and warnings about article content.

It's Not Easy Being Kiewit

It's not easy being Kiewit ... at least not in the past two weeks. Think about it for a second. Not only do Director Larry Levine and his staff have students beating down their doors about the new policy in public printing (distribution on the half-hour) and the new strict enforcement of the ban against printing multiple copies, but they have, in the past week or so, had to weather the storms of leaving nearly one-fourth of the campus without BlitzMail for extended periods of time and almost losing the student records of the financial aid and admissions offices.

Thoughts on Objectivity

According to Webster's, "monopoly" means "exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market or a control which makes possible the manipulation of prices." America has enacted very strict statutes barring monopolies from most areas of business because of this ability to manipulate and holding those which are allowed to heightened standards of responsibility and ethical behavior.

Here's to Hoping

In the week following the announcement of James Freedman's resignation as President of Dartmouth College, I penned a column in these pages which, in the spirit of a more conducive environment to student influence in the decision-making processes of the College, expressed the hope that our current "Jimmy-O" would not be replaced by yet another "Jimmy." As yesterday's announcement seemed to jump-start my career as a "prophet of doom," perhaps a closer look at what we might expect from our President-designate is in order. Putting aside, for the moment, James Wright's mention that Dartmouth is, "a research university in all but name," his speech to the community may well have told all of us what the Wright presidency will hold for Dartmouth.

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