Dan Richman


They Must be Killed

To the Editor: I'm dismayed to see that Sean Donahue '96 is so misguided (Letter to the Editor, Sept.

The Double Standard of 'Choice'

Ofall the hot topics of debate which have risen this spring, there are none more interesting and ironic than the recent Playboy frenzy. Earlier this week, as the protesters waved their signs and chanted the familiar "Hey, Ho ..." mantra, some strange ironies occurred to me about this ruckus.

Review Failed to Focus on Cover-up

There'sbeen a lot of talk in the past couple of weeks about The Dartmouth Review and their latest flirtation with what some have called "tabloid journalism." While such a label is little more than a knee-jerk reaction, one must certainly question the motivation behind The Review's most recent expose. In its now infamous April 19 issue, The Review sought to bring to light a supposed Parkhurst cover-up by exposing the "hidden stories" of four campus leaders: Hosea Harvey '95, Earl Plante '94, James Hunter '95, and Jim Brennan '96. Reaction to the story has been somewhat mixed; some have praised The Review for breaking the story and others have accused the off-campus weekly of mudslinging.

Awareness Awareness Week

Here at Dartmouth, we are certainly not lacking in our "causes." One can begin to appreciate the plethora of advocacy by the very fact that we have certain days and weeks dedicated to the pursuit of particular causes (i.e.

Frats Must Change to Survive

SinceI have been a student here, one of the biggest question marks of the campus has surrounded the future of Greek system.

Women's Dorm is Not Needed

Inmy time here in Hanover, I have found that some strange debates can result from giving academicians too much free time and too little exposure to the outside world. One such debate is that over "women's space," as applied to the recent proposal to create a "women's issues dormitory" that could house the Women's Resource Center.

Words of Wisdom Past

Dateline: April 12, 1994. Election day. In this very paper, a column by none other than yours truly is printed, entitled "Sugahara for President." In it, I stated: "[Danielle] Moore's middle name is politics and she is a walking controversy . . . I guarantee that if she were to be elected, the politics and infighting [in the Student Assembly] would increase exponentially." Funny how things turn out.

Some Humble Suggestions For DDS

I like to think of myself as the people's columnist, so I am always looking out for the well-being of everyone here at Dartmouth.

Battling Eating Disorders

Last summer I had a friend with an eating disorder. It took me a while to realize it, but after a while I noticed that even though she was probably the thinnest person I knew, she still always seemed to be concerned about gaining weight.While I was extremely concerned about her, I felt handcuffed.

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