Claire Unis


The Real Opposition

To the Editor: I appreciate very much the interview of me written by Katie Bell '05 and run on Thursday, April 25 ("Unis '95 reflects on founding of Amarna"), but I feel I have been misrepresented in a few very important ways. While I did tell Ms. Bell that we did not intend Amarna to have any kind of political agenda against the Greek system, I did not tell her I "never considered myself an opponent of the Greek system," nor that I "disapproved of the 'engineered social programming' that Dartmouth has instituted." In fact, my experience within a sorority was deeply dissatisfying, and I felt that the Greek system engineered social interactions to be artificial and forced.

Belief and hypocrisy

This is a commentary on hypocrisy. I am guilty of it every time I eat at Collis and use some of their now individually-wrapped plastic utensils.

The 'Big Green' question

How about the Lone Pines?" I asked my roommate. "Oh, that would be good. At football games we could do this," she proceeded to raise her arms above her head, clasp her hands and sway silently. "Okay, fine.

The Real Gender Problems Forgotten

Student Assembly President Danielle Moore '95's resignation sparked predictable responses: outrage, criticism, confusion. The act of resignation is a controversial one -- a disappointing one, from the standpoint of the students who elected her with the expectation that she would serve as Assembly president for the whole year and try to put the Assembly back on course.

STD should not be a women's issue

There is a sexually transmitted disease called chlamydia that you might have right now. In 79 percent of women who have it, according to one study, there are no symptoms, but the ultimate effects include infertility, premature births, stillbirths and ectopic pregnancies.

The paradox of Homecoming

A few weeks ago, a '98 wrote that the "magic of the moment" (his entire DOC trip) had "gone up in smoke" when he was asked to consider the history of a tradition and learn something about Dartmouth in the process. I only hope he does not have such a narrow view about what his Dartmouth education is going to entail, because it does not end when you leave the classroom.

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