Caela Murphy



Defining My Dartmouth

A few weeks ago, in one of my few forays into the wilderness since my Hiking 1 trip freshman year, I spent the night with a group of friends at the Class of 1966 Lodge, also known as Harris Cabin. As we laughed through rounds of Taboo and “yum-yummed” the remainder of what must have been an industrial-sized block of Cabot cheese, the daylight receded, bringing with it the serene darkness and the distant, unknown living sounds characteristic of a forest at night.


Tricia Paik ’91 curates modern art

This summer, Tricia Paik ’91 will take over as Indianapolis Museum of Art’s contemporary art curator . Paik, who is currently the associate curator of modern and contemporary art at the St. Louis Art Museum, has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Morgan Library and Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.


Student Spotlight: Hannah Williams '14

As Hannah Williams ’14 sees it, computer programs open up endless creative possibilities for digital artists. What else can make you feel like a god, capable of creating anything from nothing?


Cuban-inspired concert to focus on rhythm, flow

Moises Silva ’16, a drummer in the World Music Percussion Ensemble, is used to seeing empty seats at the group’s termly performances. They seldom stay filled because audience members can’t help but stand and move to the energetic rhythms from across the globe. Silva hopes for a similar reaction at Friday’s Cuban-inspired concert, “Ritmos Suaves: Smooth Rhythm.” “As a performer, you like to see the reaction from the crowd,” Silva said. “When you see somebody moving to what you’re playing it brings you joy, and it adds another layer to just playing music.”


London-based orchestra to perform using baroque instruments

Can the precise, unwavering stroke of a note on a harpsichord awaken a musical past? Can it convert a modern auditorium into a royal court or the ornate halls of a cathedral? Tomorrow night, conductor Harry Bicket and the members of the English Concert chamber orchestra will take on this task.


Behind the Curtain: The Jewelry Studio

Broken relics, pieces of scrap and discarded parts from previous rings, earrings and necklaces will be reassembled and sorted to make new jewelry, part of the first of the Hopkins Center’s Community Venture Initiatives, the Radical Jewelry Makeover.


‘Freya!’ honors local Nazi resistor

At the height of World War II, Countess Freya von Moltke’s husband came to her with a request: could she turn against friends and colleagues to form a resistance group of upper-class German citizens like themselves? Moltke considered the proposition and emphatically agreed. The Kreisau Circle began as a meeting of two dozen of Moltke’s friends and quickly strengthened. By the war’s end, however, Hitler had arrested and executed half of the group’s original members, including Moltke’s husband.



Copley ’07 to seek out Broadway’s next hit

Preston Copley ’07 assumed the role of director of creative development for theater at Jean Doumanian Productions in December. In his role, Copley will scout in London and other international theaters for new projects that Doumanian will produce on and off-Broadway. An athlete and involved in theater at the College, he will build on established relationships between Doumanian and artists and coordinate with the company’s vice president, Patrick Daly.