Brian Sung


Times They Are a Changin'

The men and women who are going to take Dartmouth into the next decade are very different from you and me (and not, as F.

Freedom From Money Matters

John Strayer's column last week about the Kiewit repair shop's "Premium Service" ("Premium Service Conflicts With Principles of The College," Nov.

Confessions of a Republican

My name is Brian, and I'm a Republican." While it may seem a bit odd for someone to make an Alcoholics Anonymous-style confession like this, especially now that the Republican party seems as strong as ever, that is exactly how I have begun to feel lately. Being a Republican, which used to bring pride and comfort in the knowledge that I was supporting candidates I actually believed would do the best job, now seems to bring me only shame, guilt by association and even embarrassment with each passing day. I find myself agreeing more and more with recent critics on campus such as Dick Swett and Paul Tsongas -- both defeated Democrats -- that the GOP has swung too far to the right and become hostile and divisive.

Housing: A Look Behind the Stats

Report: new beds needed" read the front-page headline in The Dartmouth this Monday (Sept. 25, 1995), drawing our attention to a hot news flash: After a thorough investigation by some of Hanover's leading housing experts, the Office of Residential Life had come to the conclusion that hey, there might be a housing shortage here!

Housing Policies Inconsistent

Lately, a lot of conversations, community meetings and even newspaper editorials on this campus have centered on the recent report of the Committee on the First-Year Experience.

COI Proposal Benefits All

The Committee on Instruction's new course-drop proposal is a step in the right direction towards greater academic freedom for Dartmouth students. The proposal, to allow students to drop courses without professors' permission until two weeks before the end of each term, gives students greater freedom to judge for themselves whether or not they want to stay in a course.

In defense of "Pulp Fiction"

Earlier this week, Chris Kelly ("Dartmouth's 'Pulp' Obsession," Jan. 16) treated readers of The Dartmouth's editorial page to a lengthy commentary on the campus' response to the hit film "Pulp Fiction," which I and several friends found condescending and offensive to certain people on this campus. Kelly's comments about the movie were not what we found objectionable; all of his praise was well-deserved.

Salary Discrepancies, Sexism the Cause?

Recently, The New York Times reported that two separate studies had shown that, on average, men whose wives stayed home and didn't work received more pay raises and substantially higher salaries than men whose wives did work. The first study, of 348 men at 20 Fortune 500 companies, found that over a five-year period, single-earner husbands received 20 percent higher pay raises than men with working wives.

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