Betty Kim



Review: 'Pragmatists' experiments with digital music and virtual reality

At the Hopkins Center for the Arts Garage this past Saturday, digital musics graduate student Andrew Maillet and filmmaker Zbigniew Bzymek gave two work-in-progress performances of their multimedia adaptation of Polish artist and philosopher Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz’s play “Pragmatists.” According to Maillet, the self-described “performer-technician” pair chose to work with the text because they were interested in the themes that Witkiewicz, who wrote during the interwar period between World War I and II, brings up.

special issue

Major, undecided: finding new intellectual paths in college

For many Dartmouth students, a drive to learn seems to come naturally; students are constantly engaged in a rigorous 10 week-term of three — or four — highly focused courses and several extracurricular activities. However, once we try to trace back the intellectual motivation that fuels this constant “grind,” we might not always be sure why we do what we do.


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