Ashley Zuzek


Consulting Club hosts alumni panel

Students demonstrated their interest in consulting at a discussion hosted by the Consulting Club on Tuesday night, in which two Dartmouth alumni, both associates at the Boston Consulting Group, spoke to a large crowd about their job.

DMS film study connects violent, mature film content to poor school performance

There is a strong relationship between exposure to violent, adult-content films and poor school performance in adolescent students, according to a recently published study conducted by Dr. James Sargent, a Dartmouth Medical School pediatrician. Sargent, who has studied the impact of many different aspects of adult movies on adolescent behavior, said that the material in R-rated films can cause a multitude of undesirable effects in children. He found that the odds of poor school performance increased as weekday television time increased and that children who watched R-rated movies, even occasionally, demonstrated significantly poorer performance than those who never watched R-rated films. "There is a lot in adult media that kids are not developmentally ready to process," Sargent said.

U.S. Poet Laureate visits DMS

U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall and Dr. Patrick Clary read works about illness, grief and living life fully at the Medical Grand Rounds at Dartmouth Medical School on Friday.

Religion and environment join hands at conference

Environmentalism and religion joined forces this weekend at the "All Together Now" conference, an event that stressed spirituality and morality as essential elements in dealing with today's environmental issues. The conference, initiated by Lutheran co-pastors Michael and Susan Thomas, bypassed the typical array of scientific details in favor of faith as its focus.

Survey suggests Sept. 11 affected college focuses

Colleges have increased their focus on global coursework and students have become more interested in international affairs since 9/11, according to a recent study conducted by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

New associate deans of the faculty announced

Associate professor Lindsay Whaley of the classics and linguistics departments and Kate Conley, professor of French and Italian, were appointed last week as new associate deans of the faculty. Whaley, who joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1993, will serve in the new position of Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences.