Ashley Ulrich



Leaving the Buffet Behind

I have been so lucky and privileged to be the recipient of boundless support and love from my parents and brother, but I also think that I have managed “to do Dartmouth right” for me — which I think entailed taking the classes that excited me, joining the organizations that open my eyes to the world and befriending the people whom I care about to the ends of the earth.


McClure creates mixed media theater

Though Marina McClure ’04 came to Dartmouth planning to pursue a math major, she quickly became interested in theater, specifically directing. An original collaborator for WiRED and member of the Displaced Theater Company, McClure is currently directing experimental theater and creating mixed performance and visual arts pieces in New York.


FSP offers practical learning in LA

Where can you watch actors in a $100-million Hollywood blockbuster spar in front of a green screen, catch a meal with “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” writer Shonda Rhimes ’91 or Oscar-nominated director Buck Henry ’52 all while attending classes with Dartmouth accreditation? As the 16 students who participated in the film department’s first winter foreign study program can tell you — Los Angeles, of course.

Between the Lines

Spending inequality for female athletes continues to persist in college athletics, and Dartmouth and the Ivy League are no exception.

Between the Lines

A recent article in The Atlantic posited a provocative statement perhaps U.S.

Ulrich: Between the Lines

When my first grade teacher asked the class to share our role models, 20 or so nubby hands shot up and waved furiously in the air.

Ulrich: Between the Lines

I run varsity cross country and track and field for the Big Green, and I'm going to look at sports from between the lines, giving an athlete's perspective on major issues in college athletics.

Hood exhibit shows work of Chinese painter Fan Tchunpi

Honoring a painter trained in Chinese and Western art-making traditions and embroiled in the throws of China's 20th century political turbulence, the Hood Museum's newest exhibit captures surprising highlights from Fan Tchunpi's prolific career. The Chinese artist, although popular in China and France during her lifetime, has not had her work publicly exhibited since a 1984 retrospective show at the Musee Cernuschi, an Asian art museum in Paris. The Hood show includes just 24 paintings by the artist, but each marks an important development in her personal and professional life, from Fan's training in Paris painting live models and her experiments with avant-garde styles like Impressionism, to her incorporation of ancient Chinese art-making techniques such as ink painting and calligraphy. While mostly a collection of small to midsize oil paintings, the Hood's exhibit includes watercolors, ceramics and photographs as well. The exhibit grew from a chance encounter that Hood Museum director Michael Taylor had with the artist's work while visiting one of her sons in Stoddard.

Academic year marked by administrative transition and turmoil

Dennis Ng / The Dartmouth Senior Staff The 2012-2013 school year marked the climax of many recent trends at the College, from administrative turnover and campus climate issues to arts programming and athletic successes. Administration and faculty In November, the College announced that Philip Hanlon would become Dartmouth's 18th president.