Anne Johnakin


Dartmouth Dining has reconfigured the seating inside of ’53 Commons to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Things in My Dartmouth Quarantine Meal that Just Make Sense

If you’ve seen any college food review TikToks, you’ll recognize the title of this article. NYU went viral near the end of August for its particularly egregious meal options for students in quarantine, including a whole lemon as a side dish and the infamous watermelon chicken salads served to vegetarians.



Dartmouth Dreams of COVID: The Science Behind Vivid Quarantine Dreams

Right now, society is buzzing with talk of crazy dreams. Tales of “quarantine dreams” are all over Twitter, and “i dream of covid,” a blog that compiles submissions of strangers’ dreams, is gaining media attention. People all over the world are reporting more vivid and frequent dreams and nightmares, and Dartmouth students are no different.