Anne George


The College recently released a new Unified Sexual Misconduct Policy as part of its C3I initiative.


Students say C3I policy draft rollout offered few feedback opportunities

Dartmouth’s Office of General Counsel recently released a draft of a new Unified Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures in order to get feedback about the proposed policies. However, members of the student body have expressed concerns that students have not adequately been able to offer feedback on the draft, which was written as part of the College’s new Campus Climate and Culture Initiative.


Agosto to leave Dartmouth for Amherst College

Senior associate dean of Student Affairs Liz Agosto ’01 will leave the College on June 9 to become the dean of students at Amherst College. An replacement for her replacement has not yet been named. 


Call to Service encourages community service

Dartmouth community members now have the opportunity to publicly record their volunteering hours. Through the Call to Serve, a year-long initiative that asks the Dartmouth community to contribute a collective 250,000 hours of public service, the Alumni Council hopes to prove that universities can be at the heart of change. Participants can choose to volunteer at projects located near them and log their service hours through the Call to Serve website. 


SB 142 passes unanimously in NH Senate committee

Spaulding High School senior Caroline Dillon is working to make New Hampshire schools a little more female friendly. Dillon helped craft Senate Bill 142, which was recommended to pass unanimously on Feb. 14 within the Senate’s Committee for Education and Workforce Development. It requires feminine hygiene products to be provided in the restrooms of public middle and high schools.


Dartmouth gear inspires elementary school students

Margaret Olivarez, a third-grade teacher at Copperfield Elementary School in Austin, Texas, wanted to get her elementary school students to be involved in the school district’s “College Shirt Wednesdays,” an initiative designed to frame higher education as a real possibility for underprivileged students. The Dartmouth registrar, along with more than 30 other universities, helped make this task a little easier by donating a much-needed supply of t-shirts.


Q&A with Russian professor Lynn Patyk

Russian professor Lynn Patyk believes that things that appear to be unambiguous moral evils — like terrorism — are more complicated than we make them out to be.