Anil Antony


The Fred Rogers Folly

Let's play a game I learned as a child --Using the names James Wolfensohn, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President George W.

Guerilla Smalltalk

As I write this article on the eve of the Student Assembly elections, I could care less. About what?

Spring Shedding

I particularly enjoy spring. The air is clear and warm -- when not overcast and rainy -- and romance is in the air.

Ego's Landing

Some people are "extreme hardcore," others are "hardcore," and still others like me rarely venture into Pine Park without a flashlight, flare-gun and supply of toilet paper.

Colonize This

I'll admit it. I've become something of an Olympics addict over the past week or so. Last night, after finding myself hypnotized by Michelle Kwan and giggling childishly at Irena Slutskaya (she's got a funny name), I began to wonder, "Hey, why are there no great Indian Winter Olympians?

Girl, You'll be a Woman ... Soon

Every day I open The Dartmouth, our newspaper and see the same thing. "Katie Greenwood hasn't the faintest clue." "Katie Greenwood has got it wrong." "Don't judge me just because I'm part of the Greek system." "We're inclusive." "We're mutually selective.

Résumé Dismay?

Unless you are a high and mighty med student, like my friend Varun who thinks his future is paved with gold, chances are that you will need to submit a rsum at some point.

A Hint of Lint

Lint flabbergasts me. I'm not talking about the stuff that creeps up my stomach to burrow in my navel.

How Much Do You Know?

Geographic ineptness is ravaging the country. This trend is an offshoot of Americentrism, the theory that we're great and the rest of the world can kiss our asses.


Have you noticed this new species roaming the country? They look and act just like you or me, for the most part, with one exception -- they seem to have cellular phones surgically grafted to their heads.