Andrew Hanauer


Vermont and the Real Dean

The voters of the Democratic presidential primaries consist of three groups of people: those who really know Howard Dean, those who know Howard Dean through the media and those who want you to know the Howard Dean of their creation. Those who know Howard Dean the best sent him to a resounding victory in his home state on Tuesday, despite the fact that he dropped out of the race two weeks earlier.

A Debate With Mr. Electability

Sometime in the not so distant future . . . Jim Lehrer: Hello, my name is Jim Lehrer, and welcome to the 2004 Presidential Debate between President George W.

No Child Left Behind

In Molly Ivins' scathing book on George W. Bush's Texas, "Shrub," there is a chapter that stands out from the rest.

Fear This Man

There's a Texan in Washington, D.C., right now whom we should all fear. He has immense power, and is completely convinced of the righteousness of his terrifying ideas.

Impending Deadline

To the Editor: I am writing to inform all Dartmouth students of an important upcoming deadline.

Remember Fuzzy Math?

When George W. Bush ran for president as a compassionate conservative, many of us who didn't know any better thought that silly comments were as bad as it could get.

Total Recall

I am a Californian. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. If I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody say "so what's going on over there in your state?" I'd be rich enough to actually benefit from the Bush tax cuts.

Road Maps and Road Blocks

In another chapter in what may be one of the sadder stories of human history, it appears that the latest attempt at peace in the Middle East is doomed to failure.

Five Million Dead Annually

Overheard at the offices of Altria Group, Inc., parent company of Phillip Morris USA... "This is outrageous!" "What is it, sir?

Now's the Time...

OK, Mr. Bush, here's your chance. You have been in office for more than two years now, and have done absolutely nothing to promote peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.