Alina Mogollon



Dirt Cowboy Cafe showcases talents of artist Pat Barsanti

Dreams and the dark side of the human soul are just some of the themes covered by Pat Barsanti's artwork currently on display at the Dirt Cowboy Cafe on Main Street. The abstract paintings, done in watercolors, deal mostly with aspects of ourselves, escapism and choices that we need to make. Barsanti's love of nature comes through in the collection.


Hood exhibit explores a history of the female figure

The Hood Museum of Art's new exhibit, "Crinolines, Bustles, and Tight-Lacing: Creating the Artificial Silhouette," traces women's fashions from the nineteenth century to the early 1900s. The emphasis of the unusual exhibit is on the changing silhouettes created by the underwear and support structures of the time period. The exhibit, displayed in the Harrison gallery, consists of 12 mannequins in various poses depending on their clothing.

Student plays contain complexity

The three plays in the 66th Annual Eleanor Frost Play Competition, which graced the stage in the Hopkins Center's Bentley Theater Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, were "Stay" by Chance Whitmire '94, "Mahogany Waves Golden Storms Twilight Fireflies and Violet Sands" by Zola Mashariki '94 and "The Ad" by Pavol Liska '95. At the awards ceremony after Saturday night's performances, Whitmire walked away with the best play award for "Stay." "The Ad" picked up the most awards with Andrew Richards '96 winning best actor, Carrie Cantor '93 shared best actress and Kaili Rubin '93 won for best direction. Marsha Blake '96 of "Mahogany Waves" was the co-winner of the best actress award. A special award was given to Charles J.

N.H. rejects King day

Last Friday the New Hampshire legislature rejected a bill calling for a state holiday recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. It was the eighth rejection of the bill in 14 years.