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Art for Everyone's Sake

To the Editor: As a recent graduate who is currently employed by the Hopkins Center, I feel obligated to correct Charles Clark's misguided impression of the arts at Dartmouth ("Art for Our Sake," May 10). The Hop always welcomes student feedback, but Clark's accusations bear little resemblance to what actually takes place here every day. While I strongly disagree with Clark's hyperbolic claim that the Hop peddles "a pungent cocktail of social elitism and cultural imperialism," he is certainly entitled to his opinion.

Seth Rogen at the premieres of


Rising star Rogen trades in 'schlub' image for mature roles

Courtesy of About.com When "Observe and Report," a wickedly dark comedy about a sociopathic mall cop, opened last weekend to mixed reviews and an indifferent box office, the few brave souls who ventured out to see it were united on a single point: Seth Rogen, the movie's formerly jovial star, had suddenly gotten all serious on us.

IMDb creator Col Needham hopes to append a


IMDb creator foresees a revolution

The Dartmouth Last week at "South by Southwest," a hipster-chic arts festival in Austin, Texas, a man with the incongruously unassertive name of Col Needham stood before an audience and cheerfully prophesized the end of movie-watching as we know it.



'Mongol' brims with blood, but gets to the heart of Genghis

Courtesy of filmbuffonline.com Is there hope for Kazakhstani cinema after "Borat" (2006)? Ever since the release of Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical sensation, any mention of the words "Kazakhstan" and "movie" in the same breath inevitably conjures up images of the eponymous, fictitious TV journalist who had a funny accent and poor table manners.

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