The Dartmouth talked with Dean of the College Kathryn Lively about College policies for the fall, student communities and local wildlife.

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Q&A with Dean of the College Kathryn Lively

September 11, 2020 2:40am

Dean of the College Kathryn Lively has been the face of College communications to students about academic plans for the fall and other pandemic-related policies. She is known in part among students as the administrator whose campus emails have compared the flow of time to “cold maple syrup” and imparted the memorable words of wisdom “Kathryn … she is your experience.” Lively is also the administrator most connected to student life, meeting regularly with a number of student-run and student-oriented organizations. The Dartmouth sat down with Lively to discuss College policies for the fall, student communities and local wildlife. 

Economics professor Marjorie Rose told The Dartmouth about teaching in person this fall and how she has weathered the pandemic.

special issue

Q&A with economics professor Marjorie Rose

September 11, 2020 2:05am

As most professors plan fully remote classes for the upcoming fall term, economics professor Marjorie Rose is preparing to teach in person. In fact, her class, ECON 22, “Macroeconomics,” is the only economics class that will have in-person instruction this fall. Rose spoke with The Dartmouth about her thoughts on teaching on campus, as well as how she has spent her time during the pandemic.

Swim meet vs penn vs yale


Swimming and diving team members accuse College of anti-Asian bias

September 8, 2020 12:17pm

In a letter to the Board of Trustees on Aug. 25, 13 members of the swimming and diving team alleged that the College’s decision in July to cut five sports teams discriminated against Asian athletes. Signers of the letter, after conducting an informal survey of athletes at the College, claim that the program eliminations have reduced the number of Asian athletes at Dartmouth by nearly half.