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June 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Green Key sees 10 calls to Hanover Police Department, no arrests

The statistics are similar to past Green Key weekends, as arrests have been on the decline since the pandemic.

Safety and Security officers monitored student events over Green Key weekend.
Safety and Security officers monitored student events over Green Key weekend.

Over Green Key weekend on May 17 and May 18, the Hanover Police Department received six medical assistance calls for intoxicated persons, three noise complaint calls and one call for a disturbance on Webster Ave., according to an email statement from lieutenant Michael Schibuola. No students were arrested, Schibuola added. Safety and Security director Keiselim Montás wrote in a separate email statement that there were 17 Good Samaritan calls.

The numbers are consistent with Green Key weekends from the past two years. Green Key 2022 saw 77 incident reports while Green Key 2023 saw 54 incident reports and 11 Good Samaritan calls. This year also continues a decline in arrests during the concert weekend since 2022, which had 0 arrests.

“We had no major incidents during the Green Key weekend,” Schibuola wrote. “Hanover [Police] provided security details for the Block Party, the Green Key Concert and the [Gamma Delta Chi fraternity] concert. These events were very well planned and managed by Dartmouth staff and the involved student groups.”

Concert attendees were required to wear wristbands to enter the main events. Students were able to pick up wristbands for themselves and their guests in the week leading up to the main stage concert, according to a campus-wide email from Programming Board.

“We continue to observe these security measures to improve safety and ensure the future of the Green Key Concert for all Dartmouth students,” the email stated.

Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services members were also active during and leading up to Green Key weekend. Dartmouth EMS executive director Nicky Denning ’26 said 33 EMS members provided 84 hours of continuous campus coverage from May 15 to May 19.

According to Denning, Dartmouth EMS’s preparation for Green Key was “very similar” to past years, including comparable schedule shifts and equipment orders. Over the years, Denning added that Dartmouth EMS has “fallen into a good rhythm” for Green Key weekends.

“Anyone who is on shift is required to go to this training where we talk about common call types during Green Key and respond to some mock scenarios in a simulated environment,” he said.

Dartmouth EMS members offered “standby coverage” at larger events over the weekend as well as a round-the-clock emergency response across campus, Denning added.

“[Our coverage] was composed of overnight shifts, which are centralized in our office … in Dick’s House,” he said. “At the actual concert, we had one crew that was mobile in a vehicle and two crews at the concert itself, one of which was also with a vehicle and could leave if necessary.”

Depending on the call and an initial evaluation by Dartmouth EMS, students can be released or sent to the Dick’s House inpatient department, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center or another hospital, Denning explained.

Denning also said  that “interagency planning,” both with campus officials and Hanover first responders, is a large factor in how “smooth” the weekend went.

“We work very closely with [Safety and Security] — they are on every call that we go to,” Denning said. “Anytime a patient cannot go to Dick’s House or be released, we interact with [the Hanover Fire Department], who will take them to the hospital. And anytime necessary, we will interact with law enforcement agencies.”

According to Montás, one intoxicated individual was transported from Dick’s House and then to DHMC on Friday. Because Dick’s House is closed over the weekend, nine intoxicated individuals were taken to DHMC on Saturday. 

“Overall, [Dartmouth EMS] performed well,” Denning said. “I think our planning was very beneficial to how everything went. … I think that the large team effort between us, Safety and Security, Hanover Fire, Hanover Police and everyone else involved in this made things go pretty smoothly.”