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(10/09/09 2:00am)

This week, College President Jim Yong Kim unexpectedly announced that Provost Barry Scherr would be stepping down after more than eight years as Dartmouth's chief academic officer ("Scherr to Step Down as Provost," Oct. 5). The announcement of Scherr's retirement as provost comes after a series of rapid resignations and departures by high-level officials in the Kim administration, including former Dean of the College Tom Crady and former Dean of Undergraduate Students Rovana Popoff.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Adjusting Adjudication

(05/29/09 2:00am)

The reforms proposed by the Organizational Adjudication Committee Review Commission represent a positive step toward more consistent and just treatment of student organizations ("SA endorses OAC reform proposal," May 27). Whereas, under the current system, all but the most serious cases are often heard by a single dean, the commission's proposal calls for students to take the lead in making decisions in all cases thus allowing for true peer adjudication, fairness and, ideally, transparency.

Let's Put it to a Vote

(05/22/09 6:06am)

Last June, the College's Board of Trustees voted to "freeze" its membership until the Association of Alumni's lawsuit against the College had been resolved. Over a year has passed, however, and the freeze remains in place. As a result of the Board's decision, trustee elections, which were scheduled to take place this spring, were postponed indefinitely, and the two-term limits of alumni-elected Trustee Michael Chu '68 and Board-selected Trustee Russell Carson '65 -- both of whom were slated to finish their final terms in June 2009 -- have been indefinitely extended. In addition, the Board put off the reelection of several first-term trustees.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Drinking the Kool-Aid

(05/08/09 6:36am)

The recent announcements from College Health Services that seven students "suspected" to have swine flu have tested negative for the virus ("Four more students test negative for flu," May 6), and that the H1N1 virus is no more serious than normal influenza, have left members of the Dartmouth community doing a double take. What looked at first like an impending catastrophe -- with the World Health Organization announcing an unprecedented phase five pandemic alert, and the U.S. government declaring "a public health emergency" -- has now been reduced to little more than an inconvenience.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Two Steps Forward...

(05/01/09 7:15am)

This week, New Hampshire took a major step forward in the struggle to establish equal rights for all. On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Senate voted 13-11 to legalize same-sex marriage ("N.H. Senate votes to legalize same-sex marriage," April 29), after making two notable modifications to the bill, a version of which had been approved by the New Hampshire House of Representatives in March ("N.H. House approves same-sex marriages," March 30). Assuming no interference from Gov. John Lynch, D-N.H., the bill will become law, making New Hampshire the fifth state in the country to legalize gay marriage.


(04/20/09 9:09am)

In any democratic election, it is an unfortunate situation when the presence of a big-name candidate eclipses the discussion and consideration of substantive issues. Two weeks ago, when Frances Vernon '10 announced her candidacy for student body president ("Field changes in SA president race," April 6), we thought the fate of the race had been sealed. It seemed that Vernon's three years as 2010 Class Council president, along with her involvement in numerous other campus organizations, made her the only candidate with enough relevant experience to be an effective leader. The burden thus fell on her competitors, John Nolan '10 and Boyd Lever '10, to prove that they too had something to offer.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Wrongful Termination

(04/17/09 8:24am)

We were dismayed to learn of the Board of Trustees' decision not to reelect Trustee Todd Zywicki '88 for a second term ("Board votes not to reelect Zywicki '88," April 7). Even in the wake of Zywicki's open letter to the Dartmouth community on Tuesday ("Zywicki '88 criticizes Board in open letter," April 15), the Board has yet to provide the Dartmouth community with a sufficient explanation for the removal.


(04/03/09 6:25am)

The news of widespread support for the proposed amendment to the Association of Alumni constitution comes as a welcome change after years of divisive alumni political battles ("AoA amendment met with general approval," Apr. 1). If passed, this amendment would change trustee elections from an approval voting process, in which alumni can vote for as many candidates as they like, to a one-person, one-vote system. It would also reduce the number of candidates the Alumni Council is required to nominate from three candidates to no more than two.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: An Interim Opportunity

(02/27/09 9:45am)

This weeks's announcement that Robert Ceplikas '78 will take over for Josie Harper as acting director of athletics and recreation at the College ("Interim director of athletics named," Feb. 26) marks the beginning of the end of an era. Harper, with Ceplikas by her side as deputy AD, accomplished much in her tenure at Dartmouth, most notably a substantial upgrade of the College's athletic facilities. Her work has not gone unnoticed, and the College's next permanent AD will certainly have a strong tradition to uphold.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Protecting Our Priorities

(02/13/09 9:47am)

In the months leading up to the Board of Trustees' approval of the College's "Budget-Reconciliation Plan" ("College announces budget-reconciliation plan," Feb. 9), every sector of the Dartmouth community was forced to assess its priorities. Debate flared up across campus as students and staff alike discussed which of the College's programs were essential, and which were possibly dispensable.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: A Breath of Fresh Air

(01/30/09 10:31am)

It is now evident that the current leadership of the College's Association of Alumni will run unopposed in the organization's spring election ("No petition candidates to run in AoA election," Jan. 27). While we find this situation philosophically disappointing, we realize that now is the time to put our idealism aside: a quiet Association election, at least this go-around, is in the College's best interest.

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